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​​ Livestock  & POultry Solutions

SERVICES - Livestock & Poultry consultancy

  • Complete guidance and consultancy to establish new farms and animal production units
  • Auditing for existing farms to improve resource utilization and enhancing profitability
  • Housing designs and outsource establishment for dairy farms, goat farms, and poultry farms
  • Scientific feed formulation for dairy animals, goats, and poultry
  • Fodder production and management with silvopasture system and silage production
  • Organic meat, milk and eggs production
  • Epidemiological management and disease control
  • Selection and procurement of elite breed
  • Livestock and agro-tourism
  • Farm visit and expert advisory
  • Complete turnkey goat farming projects
  • Meat and milk production

Axonvet - Livestock and Poultry Solutions is imparting scientific technical knowledge to establish and run livestock and poultry projects in a profitable and sustainable manner. We provide all type of technical help and associations to farmers and livestock entrepreneurs to set up animal production (Dairy, Goat & Poultry) farms on scientific lines. We are specialized in setting up dairy, goat and poultry farms starting from scratch to turnkey solutions. To our clients we are committed to provide valuable information in easily understandable project reports, through these reports and assessments we try to educate our customers so that they come to know that how their business will grow in future. We believe in fact that livestock and poultry projects are location and resource specific so in every situation we have to formulate new customized project keeping resources and investments in mind. With this we help our customers to develop Standard Operating Systems suited for their farms. We basically work to satisfy customer and help them to clarify their doubts by our Confidence Building Measures.