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​​ Livestock  & POultry Solutions


Every business faces some problems and animal keeping is no exception. We provide solutions to those problems, we provide protocols, we develop SOPs, we have systems to keep you problem free so that you can concentrate on your business development 

Animal rearing in India, either pets or domestic animals, is very traditional and many advancements in veterinary sciences are yet to receive by people. The Certain area of animal production and health has been compromised due to lack of comprehensive knowledge of veterinary medicine and physiology. For example, many of our dairy farmers have faced huge losses in milk yield due to lower peak milk production in 6th to 8th week after calving. But if we provide balanced electrolyte, niacin, thiamin, citric acid and prolactin enhancing herbs than animal revives readily and reaches peak earlier with 25 to 30% improvement in total production. Similarly, if look into the goat farming many kids died due to diarrhea in the first month after birth. There are many causes of diarrhea in goat kids but no single available drug or kit is present which comprehensively take care of all possible infectious agents which are life threatening. For such frequently encountered conditions, i have developed many comprehensive drug combinations with standard research-based protocols for the variety of animals' physiological or pathological situations.