• Hoof Cutter - Perfect tool for filing farm goat and dairy animal hooves.
  • Hoof Knife - Our wide selection of hoof knives is suitable for every application and convinces by the ergonomic design of the handles and the use of high-quality German quality steel to guarantee a long-lasting cutting performance.
  • Hoof Nipper - High-quality rust resistant metal is used to make hoof nipper, essential for goat. 
  • Drenchers - with drenching needle, dosage continuously adjustable, interchangeable plastic barrel, expandable to different sizes.
  • Drenching needle - 105 X 10mm for plastic drenched. 
  • Automatic drencher - for connecting with a container, max. 70 ml capacity, automatic refilling cylinder, with drenching needle 105 mm x 10 mm Ø
  • Heat detector - with an analog display for determination of the optimal time of insemination of cattle, all heat detectors will be delivered in a bag for safe keeping. For heat diagnosis of cattle by measuring the electric resistance of the mucous of the uterus. That the diagnosis is correct and provided on time is of great importance to the success and efficiency of a farm. Especially if artificial insemination is used. 0 - 35 ohm too early for insemination; 35 - 40 ohm optimal period (special marking) over 40 ohms too late for insemination.
  • Artificial insemination instruments - Tube speculum - nickel-plated brass, for pigs and cows, 40 cm long, inner diameter 2,5 cm, cylindricalArtificial vaginas for bulls, complete with body, valve, inner tube, semen collection vial 15 ml, director cone with warming bag body 30 cm. 
  • Liquid Nitrogen Container - for storage and transport of liquid nitrogen available in different capacities.
  • Artificial Insemination Accessories - Thawing unit XII-OT with very robust, electronic control, diode light system for control and temperature indication. Central built-in thawing chamber with lift. Temperature: +38°C (another temperature setting upon demand)
  • Insemination kit - Plastic insemination case, AI Gun, Universal Sheaths, Speculum, Tweezer, Clamp
  • Trocars - This rumen trocar is used for cases of acute bloating of cattle, or in cases of chronic bloating, particularly of weaned calves, because the repeated insertion of a catheter in the gullet causes irritation and inflammation of the mucus, leading to the tiresome need for watching the animal and often to slaughtering it.

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