INtellectual Solutions

​​ Livestock  & POultry Solutions

  • Project Reports - Customized project report for all type of farming projects, breeding projects and livestock product marketing projects can be written on the actual market scenario.
    Dairy Type II feed
  • Training Manuals - Customized training manuals for farmers and entrepreneurs can be made in English as well as in Hindi. It is a unique product which has descriptive picture and diagrams for easy understanding of the subject.
  • Protocols - Various protocols for different procedures and practices in livestock and poultry farms have been developed according to the specific conditions of different farms. We have developed vaccination protocols, castration protocols, farm recording, meat kid raising, etc.
  • Books - Making livestock and poultry knowledge more accessible for farmers and entrepreneurs.
  • Workbooks - It's a unique learning experience even for illiterate farmers through with essential scientific information can be given in easy language and pictorial ways.
  • Posters and Charts - Evaluation and information posters and charts are also available in Hindi and English which can be put in Labs, Veterinary Hospitals, Veterinary Classes and Animal Husbandry Departments.  
Intellectual solutions from Axonvet in the field of livestock and poultry farming are unique educational products and knowledge services. It cannot be denied that before starting any enterprise it would be essential to gain knowledge and market information. We at Axonvet provide all the essential working knowledge in all livestock and poultry enterprises. We can provide following Training Manuals, Workbooks, Books, Protocols etc. We can also develop literature and related documents for institutions like NGOs and Government Training Organizations in Hindi as well as English.