Axonvet is the Livestock & Poultry Consultancy firm based in New Delhi which provides modern scientific technical knowledge of animal husbandry to entrepreneurs to start dairy, poultry and goat farms on intensive lines in sustainable manner. 

•Turnkey projects
•Chicks purchase
•Feed formulation
•Infrastructure building and cage installation
•Disease prevention & health management
•Project report

Layer Farming - Services Available

Broiler Farming - Services Available

•Project Formation
•Shed design and building (including broiler battery cages installation)
•Feed Formulation for all stages (Readymade Feed Procurement)
•Chicks Purchase
•Broiler Health Management

Modes of Consultancy 

Advantage of Axonvet

What is AXONVET ?

Dairy Farming – from scratch to setting up & running of ultra modern dairy parlors

Poultry Farming – Advisory for Layer, Broiler, Breeder farming along with nutrition formulation and specialized bio-security services

Goat Farming – Specialized in turnkey goat farming modules, single point place for all things related to goat farming

Allied Activities - fodder management, feed formulation, farm auditing, health management, outbreak control, profitability checks, biogas etc

•We are specialized in turnkey goat farming projects.
•Elite Breeding Goats
•Nutrition Management
•Health Management
•Complete Project Report and its Implementation
•Goat Meat Marketing
•Breed Selection and Improvement

Project Association & Turnkey Solution

• Project Formation and Report Making
• Infrastructure Design and Farm Establishment
• Elite Animal Procurement
• Ration Formulation and Feeding
• Fodder Management
• Health Management and Disease Prevention
• Farm Auditing
• Milk Marketing

Farm Auditing Report 

Who is running AXONVET ?

•Axonvet is the only consultancy firm in Animal Husbandry sector which work through proper channels of realistic project making keeping all constrains and advantages in mind up to its implementation at most affordable prices.
•We believe in customer satisfaction and scientific temper helps us to make project success in long run.

Dairy Goat and Poultry Farming Consultancy

•Axonvet can associate with client in both ways
(1)Client itself implement project as per our instructions and we will available all the times for every help
(2)Client will give project to us and we will implement it after completion. This is turnkey solution and Axonvet charge 3% of the project. 

​​ Livestock  & POultry Solutions

In which areas AXONVET deals?

•Project Report made by Axonvet is all practical and easily implementable. It’s a sort of manual or guide which helps our client to implement project easily without much external help.

•Project report includes all pros and cons of particular sector, how to start, which breed should I use, what could be further constrains in farming, how much investments will be needed, marketing of product, payment and repayment schedules on current prices. 

Project Report

Goat Farming - Services Available

Dairy Farming - Services Available


How AXONVET Can Help New Entrepreneurs ?

Axonvet was brain child of Veterinary doctor “Dr. Ibne Ali” who is alumni of India’s first agriculture university GB Pant University and Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly. He has wide technical knowledge of subject and experience of running and auditing livestock and poultry farms. He expertise in making business plans according to the resources and investments available with entrepreneurs.  

It depends upon requirement of the client and level of involvement.

  • Verbal Consultancy – (1) Preliminary Meeting (2) Telephonic Consultation
  • Project Report Making– (1) Non Bankable (2) Bankable
  • Implementation – It include association in overall or partial project implementation (include visits)
  • Running Farm Advisory – It include visits as per requirement and conditional association with farms. In this Axonvet will completely associated with second party on terms and conditions mutually decided between two.

It is independent and surprise visit of farm to assess the management, activities and working conditions of farm to know whether farm is running in profitable manner of not. Axonvet is specialized in Auditing and Farm improvement.