Origin & distribution: native of sirohi dist. Rajasthan; distributed over ajmer, bhilwara, tonk, jaipur; flock size of 10 – 200 are found in different places of rajasthan & u.p.

Breed characterstics: large size;compact body;strong legs; coat color – brown with dark brown/ tan patches all over the body; leaf like drooping ears; horns curved upward & backward with pointed tips; some have wattles; av. Body weight – 

*Note - Jamunapari is identified as endangered domestic goat breed and its sale and purchase has been regularized. It have been estimated that only 7000 goats are remaining and that too in its breeding tract. We source these goats directly from its breeding tract so that you can have best breed at your farm.


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Weight Approx. - 30 Kgs (females); 50 kgs (males)
Milking Capacity (180 days) - 200 liters
Peak Weight of Males  - 80 Kg

Kidding rate - 1.3
Transportation (Exclusive) - Rs 3000 + Rs 20 per Km above 60 Km 

Minimum Order - 20 Goats
Cost - Rs 260/- per Kg live weight
Contact - +91 - 9540612588

Breed characterstics: large size; most handsome & majestic; coat – white with black brown patches on head & ears; tall & long legs; having genetic back ground of anglo nubian breed; horns are short & flat; long drooping ears; parrot/roman nose; tuft of hair at back side of thighs; body weight of male – 45-60 kg & female – 35 – 40 kg; first kidding – 786 days; inter kidding – 390 days; 30% twinning it increases upto 55% in high plane of nutrition; low mortality 4-6 %; milk yield 110 – 115 kg in 148 days of lactation; mainly grazer but can be successfully stall-fed.

Utility: excellent milk animals; well develop udders with conical teats; breed is used for upgrading of native n.d animals; late maturing; seasonal breeder; dressing % - 48-50%; kid once in a year; at the time of festival these goats have highest demand inspite of low weight because of their beautiful looks.

male:45-50kg, female: 22-25kg; first kidding – 661 days; inter kidding – 469 days; twinning – 12.5%; av.milk yield – 120 – 125 kg in lactation period of 198 days; mortality in field conditions – 2-5%.

Utility: well suited for stall feeding; use mainly for meat purpose; dressing% is high upto 55% of weel fed kids; milk yield is about 0.9kg/day.

Origin & distribution: native of jamuna – par in etawah dist. U.p. breeding tract is chakranagar block comprising of villages magla kathori, nagala jor, jagtoli, kola etc. Where it is found in its most pure form. It is also distributed in m.p. in bhind, monera & shivpuri dist. Its population is decreasing at alarming rate due to non – descripted cross breeding & about 9000 estiamted & need coservation.


Weight Approx. - 30 Kgs (females); 50 kgs (males)
Milking Capacity (180 days) - 250 liters
Peak Weight of Males  - 90 Kg

Kidding rate - 1.4
Transportation (Exclusive) - Rs 3000 + Rs 20 per Km above 60 Km 

Minimum Order - 20 Goats
Cost - Rs 400/- per Kg live weight
Contact - +91 - 9540612588