• Goat Kids Starter - Axonvet's Special Formulation for Goat Kids Raising for Meat (Begin at 45th day of age)
  • Goat Kids Milk Replacer - Axonvet's Special Formulation for Goat Kids (Begins on 7th day after birth)
  • Special Protein Fortified with Mineral Mixture for In-House Milk Replacer and Kid Starter Formulation
  • Goat Feed Type I - for Dry Goats preparing for Breeding
  • Goat Feed Type II - for Lactating and Pregnant Goats
  • Goat Buck Feed for Weight Gain (Special Formulation for Eid Bucks)
  • Broiler Pre Starter Feed
  • Broiler Starter Feed
  • Broiler Finisher Feed
  • Layer Starter
  • Larey Grower
  • Layer Egg
Profitability in livestock and poultry farming under intensive conditions is whole sole dependent upon quality and price of feed, we must remember that up to 70% of the farm expenses are on the feed. Farmers who compromise on feed would most probably end with losses and enterprise closure. Prices are dependent upon the quality of ingredients present in the feed, as prices of major feed ingredients are becoming high day by day so their proper inclusion in feed must be carried out in highly scientific and efficient way. Therefore at Axonvet, we expertises in formulating least-cost ration without compromising the quality of feed. We formulate feed as per the need of the farm and requirement of the species and we also have the facility to manufacture your feed in our associated feed mills. We made customized feed for Dairy animals especially buffaloes, goats for every stage and broiler and layer.  

Dairy Feed


  • Dairy Type I feed
  • Dairy Type II feed
  • Special High Energy Feed for Early Lactating Buffaloes (for higher fat)
  • Dairy Transition Feed for buffaloes in late pregnancy (high phosphorus & high DCAD feed)
  • Dairy Calf Milk Replacer (start from 15th day after birth)
  • Dairy Calf Starter (start from 3rd month for higher growth and better health)

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