Animal feed Supplements

  • Mineral Mixture - The High-quality mineral mixture contains all the essential trace and macro minerals essential for proper growth and production of your animals.
  • Vitamin Premix - Contains growth promoting and immune-boosting vitamin A, D, and E for inclusion in feed and top dressing. 
  • High-Quality Natural Raw Protein for milk replacers, kid starter, and calf starter,
  • Probiotic Mixture - Mixture of essential and beneficial bacterial and yeast strains which helps in maintaining rumen health and better digestion of fiber and starch.
  • Herbal Immune Booster & Antioxidant - It contains strong herbal ingredients including Ashwagandha, Kalonji, Tulsi, Shigru, Gokshura, Sonth, Swarnamakshik Bhasma, Shankh Bhasma etc.
  • Rumen Buffer - Powerful rumen acidity stabilizers which not only keep rumen pH in optimum range but can able to increase pH so that fat in milk can improve and also infertility problems can be controlled. 
  • DCP (Di-Calcium Phosphate) - Use as a source of phosphorus for high yielding animals and especially pregnant animals. 
  • By-Pass Fat - 99% fractionated fat which contains mainly palmitic acid and highly helpful in high producing animals in an affordable manner. It is especially helpful in increasing fat in the milk of buffaloes and also increases body score condition of animals. 

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