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“Axonvet delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”

- Manasvi Goat Farms, Roorkee, UK

Axon is a part of the brain cell called neuron. It is the main body (prime unit) of the neuron which actually process information and pass on to other neurons so that brain sends commands properly to whole body and thereby keeps body healthy and strong. We work on the same principle as we provides veterinary techno - commercial information and knowledge to our clients and help them to run successful livestock enterprises.


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Axonvet have improved status of health and production of our layer birds.

 - Kiran Layer Farms,
Bhopal, MP



We provide all the services to start, grow, maintain and revive the livestock and poultry enterprises globally. We develop entire farming projects from scratch to complete turnkey solutions. 

Our Philosophy 


Four areas of our work are Animal Health, Animal Nutrition, Livestock Production Management and Livestock Marketing. 

​​ Livestock  & POultry Solutions

“Axonvet identified key areas to start up our integrated farm enterprise and gave customized solutions”

 - Cresto Goat Farms,

​Ajmer, Rajasthan

We have improved our farm animal productivity along with restoration of good health. Axonvet is doing good in its area of expertise

 - Era Medical College - Dairy Farm. Lucknow, UP